Hi! I'm Thu. (pronounced too)
I'm a Vietnamese-American illustrator living in New Jersey with a love for bright colors and all things whimsical. I have a background in art education and have a passion for illustrating stories that center around diversity, family, and big feelings. I enjoy writing and illustrating stories and never tire of illustrating words because it allows me to create whatever my mind can imagine, and that makes it feel new every single time. I'm a self-proclaimed art supply addict and when I'm not drawing or crafting you can most likely find me trying out new baking recipes with my daughters.
More books to come...
SAMARA RUBIN AND THE UTILITY BELT, Sharon Giltrow, Clear Fork Publishing, 2023
HAIR BEAR, Krista Coyne, Wild Clover, 2023
contact: thukimvu.arts@gmail.com
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